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Questions and Answers

All of our pieces are handmade one at a time. Careful attention to every detail is given to each piece. Function is a very important aspect of our pottery and we strive to make sure that each piece "works". That is: lids fit, spouts pour, handles are comfortable and balanced. There is a unique pleasure in using pottery that is not only visually beautiful but also functions well. The everyday activities of eating, drinking and serving food and beverage become a little more special using that favorite mug, bowl or pitcher.

We truly enjoy what we do and we strive to make work that is of the highest quality. In this age of styrofoam and paper cups, commercially produced dinnerware and plastics of all kinds, we hope that people who choose to own and use our work will feel a little more connected to the process of human creativity.

Our work cycle is typically a 2 to 3 week period of producing our work. This includes everything from preparing the raw materials to forming and finishing the pieces, attaching handles and drying the ware.We then bisque fire everything and spend the next few days applying the glazes. Everything is then loaded in to our large gas fired kiln where it undergoes a 2 1/2 to 3 day period of firing and cooling down. At this point the pieces are finished and we unload, inspect and smooth the bottoms of all of the pieces.

All of the images on our website represent the style and range of our work. However, each piece is individually made and therefore unique. No two pieces are ever exactly alike but matching shapes and colors definitely work as "sets". The handmade nature of the process produces slight variations in each piece and we feel that this is what gives our work its overall appeal.

If you are considering ordering from us please allow 4 - 12 weeks for delivery.

We welcome inquiries either by phone or email and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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